Welcome to the 5th volume and 2nd issue of Novitas - ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language). From this issue on, the journal is indexed by the Educational Research Abstracts database as well. With the acceptance into more than eighteen indexes and the international submissions, Novitas-ROYAL has become an asset to academic research and publication in six years. The present issue also hosts rigorously designed and analyzed publications with theoretical and practical importance.

In this issue, Yeşilbursa (Abant Izzet Baysal University) and Gursoy (Uludag University) contribute with different research articles on the development of prospective English language teachers. The motivational and linguistic factors affecting foreign language learners are the area of focus in the studies conducted by Reinders (Middlesex University) and Balçıkanlı (Gazi University), Çelik (Kirikkale University), and Kurum (Hacettepe University). Ghonsooly (Ferdowsi University of Mashad) and Shirvan (Ferdowsi University of Mashad), and Heaney (University of Tor Vergata) share their research articles on translation and interpretation through a case study methodology. The foreign language learners in Turkey are the focus of research concern in publications on the washback effects of a language exam by Ozmen (Gazi University) and acquisition sequence of the English definite article by Dikilitas (Gediz University) and Altay (Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University). Finally, Leyland (Newcastle University) discusses if marketing strategies of British universities reduce international students to economic resources using a critical discourse analytic methodology.

Many thanks to this issue’s researchers for submitting their studies, to the reviewers for contributing with feedback and to the worldwide readers of Novitas- ROYAL. We are now accepting submissions for our next issue of the journal; Volume VI, issue I.

Sezgi Saraç
Başkent University, Ankara, Turkey