Academic and scientific advancement rely on disseminating findings and data of high quality. We, as the editors, would like to thank all the contributing authors of our journal from the inaugural to the present issue for sharing their qualified articles. It is once again a pleasure and honor for us to bring the readers and researchers of academia together with the distinguished authors in the seventh volume and first issue of Novitas-ROYAL.

In the current issue, Li and Simpson, through a qualitative study, investigate the concept of ‘self’ and identity construction in an ESOL course. In the second paper, in a usage-based longitudinal study, Huth shares successive analyses of the same data segment on second language learners’ interactional development over time. Kayaoğlu, in the next paper, examines the relationship between the poor and good language learners’ beliefs and language strategy use via a quantitative study. The forth paper by Petrlíková focuses on the language use labeled as dependent verbless clause in terms of its structure, function and use as well as specific implications. In the final paper, Yavuz and Topkaya investigate teacher educators’ perceptions on a teacher education program by employing a qualitative research design.

Publishing the current issue, we are ready for a new start for the upcoming issues, and so we would like to invite researchers to submit their contributions to our journal. We look forward to meeting with our readers again in October, 2013.

Dr.Sezgi Saraç
Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey